Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Night!

My family attended my brother's Election Watch Party Tuesday night, and what a night it was. We all waited patiently as all the numbers were being crunched from all over the State. There were plenty of snacks on hand to help us get through the night.

Family and friends from all over the State attended the event. I was surprised to see my cousins from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stephanie, Stacy, Cindy, and her husband Tim all attended. I had not seen them in so long it was a welcomed surprise.

As the night went on, the election went back and forth...51-49, 50-50, and even 53-47! Then the race tightened up again. I had friends text, or call asking me how it was looking. The truth be was close. Finally, around 2:30 am Wednesday morning, Mark came to the podium and said that he was ahead at that time, and by the projection of votes that were left to be counted, that it looked as if he would win. He asked for everyone to go to bed and get some sleep, because it was going to take a long time to count the remaining votes.

By Noon, Mark told me over the phone that the AP, and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette had declared him the winner! Amazing! I would not have missed this for the World! During this whole process, I came to a better respect of those running for political office. My brother campaigned hard for this race.

Thanks to everyone that believed in my brother. So many helped spread his name throughout the State. So many pitched in...Thanks!

In the end I would like to say...I am proud of my brother! I know many thought he had no chance in this race. But, he kept going. Yes, I am proud of him, and I know our Dad would be as well. I am sure he is proud in Heaven. None of this has quite sunk in yet, but my brother will soon be the next Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas! What a night!

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