Thursday, April 30, 2009

One More Morgan T-Ball Story...

We all have kids, and we all have funny stories to tell about them. We have also heard that "kids say the darnedest things." Well, my kids are no exception.

Kelley was driving Morgan to her first t-ball game the other night, when Morgan said, "Mom, can we eat at the Confession Stand tonight after the game?" I mean, do we ask for forgiveness for that which we buy right then? Well, you know what they say? "Confession is good for the soul!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheetah Girls and Morgan win their 1st Tee-Ball Game!!!

Ah, memories...It has been a long time since I have hung around a ballpark. Last night brought back a lot of memories, and it involved a game I love - Baseball!

Even though this was Morgan's first ever t-ball game, you would have thought that she had played this game forever the way she looked in her uniform. As I was walking her to her field, I asked her if she was pumped! Morgan said, "What does that mean?" Are you fired up I said! "Yes" Morgan said.

The Cheetah girls scored 5 quick runs and never looked back as they won 15-11! Needless to say Dad was proud. Morgan played 2nd base, and also pitcher. She got a hit every time she batted. Yes, she plays the game the way her dad used to! Well, truth be known she is probably better.

Morgan's team may not win every game, but I will still be proud of her. I am glad she likes to play the game I love!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You talk about being busy...

The other day I started thinking about what I have planned in the next couple of months. This weekend I have "Relay for Life", where I will help with games. April 28th is Morgan's first t-ball game. May looks to be a very busy month as well. In May I have two cemetery decorations, a family reunion, t-ball games, and will also help put together a Group Administrator Meeting for work.

My point is that we are so busy in life. I guess it just goes with the territory of getting older. Speaking of older, where do all the years go? My mother showed me a picture of me in the Second Grade in my yearbook the other day. The picture was in black and and white! I do not think color was invented back then.

In other matters, my mom got some good news regarding her cancer treatment the other day. The medication seems to be working, and right now she is not needing surgery or chemo. She sure could have got a worse report! Thank you God. Thanks to everyone fro their prayers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, I am wearing a tie!

Isn't it funny how we are perceived by what we wear? People tend to size you up, and place you in a class of people by what you wear. The comments you may get can be hilarious.

Let's take today for instance. I decided to wear a nice shirt, and my new tie Kelley bought me for Easter. That's right...a tie! Now, I do not have to wear a tie to work, but I decided to wear one just for today. I received the following comments:

"Hey, nice tie!"
"Did someone die?"
"Where are you going?" I just decided to wear a tie I said. "No, really...where are you going?"

And then there is my favorite..."Do you have a job interview?" My response was, "Yes, I have two of them. One in the morning and one in the afternoon."

I had co-workers come up and say there have been those asking why I was so dressed up today? Everyone scrambling for information. All because I decided to wear a tie.

Friday, April 10, 2009

You are still a Princess to me!

There is no easy way to sugarcoat this...Lizzie Kate got her hair cut yesterday! I say no easy way to sugarcoat this, because some have said when you think of Lizzie Kate - you think "hair!" What I would not give to have her hair now! I am a little short in that department lately!

Kelley set up an appointment to have Lizzie's hair cut. Kelley told me that Lizzie Kate was worried what I would think about her hair after she got it cut. She knew I thought she had "Princess hair," and I told her that many times.

They cut off over 10 inches off of Lizzie Kate. The hair is being donated to "Locks of Love." It makes Lizzie Kate's haircut even more special.

When I saw Lizzie Kate later...I gave her a big hug and a kiss. I told her I loved her new hairstyle. See, I not only loved the Lizzie Kate with "the hair." I also love the new look Lizzie Kate. Both Lizzie Kate and mMorgan will always be a Princess to me!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things can get kind of hectic...

If it seems like I have been kind of M.I.A. for awhile when it comes to blogging, please forgive me...I have had a lot on my plate!

I want to thank everyone for the prayers, the thoughts that my family has received regarding Lizzie Kate. Again, she is still doing fine. Continue to pray for her as she will have another CT scan in a month or so.

My mother needs your prayers as well. She is having another biopsy tomorrow in Little Rock. I am sure her test results will eventually narrow down the treatment plan for her. Lift her up and ask that God be close by her side during this whole process.

Another thing that just consumed me lately is my new role in calling Deacons to see if they can serve for the Lord's Supper at our church. This was all new to me. I do know now that I really worried too much over this, when I should have turned it all over to God. I worried and worried, wondering if I was going to find enough men to serve for three services! But, you know...once I went to church, things started to fall into place. Next time I am going to tell myself to not get so worked up over this. I am going to try to lean on God more. I truly think we have all been there one time or another!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Good Report!!!

Yesterday we took Lizzie Kate to Children's Hospital for her appointment. Lizzie did great when she had her CT scan! She did so good, she got to choose something from the Big Treasure Chest. Her choice...a Barbie!

Later we met with the doctor. He said it looked like the blood clot had calcified, and that it did not look like it was causing pressure on her skull or brain. No surgery is required at this time, but they will continue to monitor her for a month or so. At that time she will have another CT scan to check and see how the injured area is progressing. I think this is great news! She is not totally healed, but it seems like she is on the right path. Praise God! Thanks to everyone for lifting Lizzie Kate up in your prayers! Continue lifting her up as we await the next visit to Children's Hospital for the CT scan.

Children's Hospital does some great things! Many of us know someone that has been there, or is currently there. It really saddens your heart seeing all the sick kids that are in the hospital. My heart and prayers go out to them!

Again, I want to thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Lizzie Kate!