Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This weekend was different for me. First of all, I left my phone charger at work. We do not have a home phone, only cell phones. So, basically I was without a phone for two days after my phone ran out of juice. The Internet on my computer was also acting up all weekend. So, that form of communication was of no use to me. I guess I should have broke out the 'ol quill pen and oil lamps. Oops, no stamps. Oh well!

It made me think how we have come so accustomed to having our cell phones, our computers, and yes even our Facebook. We are all in our own little world as we hit the keys on our keyboards. Being without these things, I took notice of how many people have their head glued to their cell phones. Amazing! It is almost comical watching people. It seems like we are texting, calling, or in Facebook all the time. I will be honest, I was having withdrawals and almost bought me another phone charger. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

You ought to try living without these things sometime. Take a weekend like I did. See how it works for you. I am betting you will almost have to check into rehab!

Well, the problem is solved. I returned to work, the phone is fully charged, and I am back into the rat race! I am no longer unplugged!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Was Walking Through the Jungle and I Saw a...

I just have to show off some of the artwork by my youngest daughter Lizzie Kate. This is a piece entitled, "I Was Walking Through the Jungle and I saw a..."

Lizzie Kate's teacher walked me through the piece. On the top row you will see the following animals...a Giraffe, an Elephant, a Panda Bear, and an Alligator. Then a little lower on the page you will see an Owl, a Butterfly, a Panda Bear, a Lion, and a Monkey. But, the last animal drawn is the one I find the most interesting...a Dead Duck! The "Dead Duck" is the animal in blue, at the bottom-middle of the page.

Lizzie Kate's teacher asked her what each animal was, where she could label it on her paper. They got to the last animal. Lizzie Kate was asked what kind of animal is this? Lizzie Kate said it was a Dead Duck. Her teacher wanted to know why she drew a dead duck? Lizzie Kate said, "Duh, the alligator ate it!"

Makes sense to me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9-11-2001...We Will Never Forget...

No, we will never forget 9-11-2001. We will never forget where we were, or what we were doing on that day. Eight years ago, so many Americans lost their lives tragically to those who promote hate. In minutes, lives were changed all over the world. What a tragedy.

I remember being at work when I found out a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center Towers. I then found out the other tower had been hit. How can you make any sense of this? Later, the Pentagon was hit, and yet another plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania. Our Nation...Our World has never been the same since. It was hard to believe this had happened.

Like many, I was hanging on every word, every picture I could find. You prayed for hope...for survivors. But, good news was hard to find on that day.

I know many of you prayed on that day, and the days following the attacks. You prayed for those families that lost loved ones. You prayed for our country. You prayed for our leaders. Well, you can continue to pray. Because our nation, our leaders, our troops, still need your prayers today.

If you see someone in our Armed Services, tell them you appreciate all they do for our country. Show support to our Fire Fighters and Police Officers as well.

But also...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Psychological Make-up of a Child...

Today, I left work early to take both of my girls to the doctor for their flu shots. Lizzie Kate had the option of getting s shot, or she could take the Flu-Mist option. I thought since it was painless, that the Flu-Mist option would be best for her. Morgan took the shot.

Well, apparently Kelley had Lizzie Kate psyched up and ready to take the flu shot. After it was over she kept telling me that she wanted the shot. She wanted the shot and a Scooby Doo band-aid. There was nothing I could do about it now. I thought I had done what was best for her, but I guess not!

The nurse was nice enough to find a Scooby Doo band-aid for us, but Lizzie still wanted that shot. I thought I made a good decision. Well, I guess this time, Father did not know best!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Surprising Discovery...

I trust everyone had a great Labor Day weekend holiday? Kelley, the girls and I headed south to Texas to see her Aunt Diane and her new house. It was also good to see Diane's daughter Natalie, and her husband Damion with Harper, their beautiful baby daughter. Kelley's Mom Sadie was there as well. Throw three dogs in the mix and my girls had a party.

Diane also had Jerry Brown and his wife visiting her this weekend from Louisiana. Diane lived there prior to moving to Texas. After talking to Jerry Brown, you find out real quick that he makes friends easy. My daughter Lizzie Kate sure liked him. After Jerry met Lizzie Kate, he told us that he had a niece named Lizzie Kate who was about the same age. Kelley told him that she always thought we were original ones with that name. He said that their Lizzie Kate was Elizabeth Katherine. He said he thought she was born in May. Here is the crazy part! Later, he called and talked to the other Lizzie Kate's mom and found out that they have the same birthday too...May 19th! Can you believe that? And as Paul Harvey used to say..."And now you know the rest of the story!"

What an amazing discovery! Jerry said it seemed like something out of the "Twilight Zone." We had a great laugh and were all amazed by this new revelation.

I am sure glad we met Jerry and his wife. We would have never known this story if we had not met them. Some things are just meant to be.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Talking Theology with a 4 year old...

Sunday night we had the Lord Supper at our church. During the service, Lizzie Kate wanted me to hold her, so I did.

She actually acted pretty good until it came time to take the Lord Supper. I know the Lord Supper is an important and serious service that should not be taken lightly, but it is also a time when children ask questions...

"What is that in your mouth?"
"What are you eating?"
"What is that?" (She asks as she sees the juice in the cup)

Now, what do you tell a 4 year old who asks these questions? You know what the bread and the cup represents, but talking Theology to a 4 year old can be tough. I finally said it is a cup. She kept asking me the same question, not liking my answer. I finally said it is juice...grape juice. Let's just say, that is not the right thing to tell a 4 year old.