Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Get Back from Branson...Now You Need Another Vacation!

The fam and I took a couple of nights vacation and went to Branson. Blogging was not #1 on my list during our stay. We had a real nice visit, and had a real fun time there.

We got to Branson, checked into our condo, and then hit the ground running. We went swimming, which is probably one of the favorite things my girls like to do. After that, it was off to The Branson Landings, and ate at Famous Dave's BBQ. Those ribs were great!

The second day we started the day out eating breakfast at the Grand Country Buffet. They have good food, but my girls will remember it as the place where the picture talks. You basically are looking at a picture of two people, then every 10, or 15 minutes, they start talking. The picture really mesmerized our girls. After eating, we played a round of miniature golf. Both girls played great! They both had one hole-in-one. Morgan had a legit hole-in-one, but "Caker's" came after she moved the ball about 2 inches from the hole. A hole-in-one none the less in my book and I marked it accordingly on the score sheet.

After the round of golf, we took Morgan to ride go carts. Lizzie Kate is still a little too small for that. We always love riding the wooden go cart track. Try it sometime adults! It will bring back your second childhood.

The second night was topped off as we attended Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. Guys, this is not that bad a show. I also like it that you can eat with your hands and get away with it. I think I also had my elbows on the table a few times...nothing said! You got to love it. The show was great and the South won...General Lee would have been proud!

The last day we had to go back to the Grand Country Buffet, because Lizzie Kate wanted to see the "talking picture" again. We would not have had any peace if we did not do so. After eating, we took the girls to The Butterfly Palace. There you can walk inside a habitat made especially for butterflies. Kelley wanted a butterfly to land on her, but never could get one to land on her. This place also had a maze you walked through. I thought it was fun as I led my family to the end. Yes, I conquered the maze.

Well, we are home now. We had a lot of fun. But, now I am tired and need another vacation. Isn't that the way it always is?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mark Darr explores Arkansas Lieutenant Governor's race in 2010...

I have known for some time now that my brother Mark Darr, of The Mad Pizza Company fame, was thinking about running for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas. But, now since it is in the papers, and on YouTube, I guess it is safe to share the secret with the rest of the world.

It is my understanding that the story of Mark running for office, is in a local newspaper near you. I have posted the YouTube video of Mark speaking to some of his backers. Good luck Mark...offer everyone in Arkansas pizza and you might just win!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dentist...Chick-fil-A...and a friend!

Morgan had a dentist appointment today. I left work to pick her up at school at 10:30 am. The appointment went major work planned! Is this my kid? Ok, I know she is my kid, but the lack of major dental work does not sound like me at all. In fact, I am scared to go to the dentist. I know I need to go, and I will in due time!

After the dentist appointment, Morgan and I went to Chick-fil-A. Since today was St. Patrick's Day, everyone wearing green got free ice cream! And if that was not enough incentive to eat there, they had green lemonade. Also, something happened I have never seen happen there before. A cheer rang out as someone was the 100th customer. I had to explain what happened to Morgan. I told her since they were the 100th customer, they received their meal free. Morgan's response, "Not fair!" I have never seen that happen in person, and it sure has never happened to me. My co-worker Ashley, who eats there all of the time, has been the 100th customer multiple times!

As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed Andria Francis going through the drive-thru. I had to take a picture. She asked me if she was going to be in my blog? Now, would I do that?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Interesting How Things Appear...

This Sunday I really enjoyed the music I heard in church so much, I put two of the songs on my player of my blog. The two songs I have added are, "Nothing But the Blood" by Matt Redman, and also "There Will be a Day", by Jeremy Camp.

When I added the songs today, it reminded me of messages I see in everyday life. After I decided to add the songs to my player, I clicked on the + sign to add them. A message came up that said, "Saved!" It also reminded me of the satellite radio we have in our Yukon. You can press the CAT button to scan the various categories of music, or stations that are available. If you press CAT and choose "Christian", the message "Seeking Christian" appears. I don't know...I just find that kind of thing neat. I better not advertise that too much, they will probably make changes to take the word "Christian" off of their display.

Look for God to speak to you in almost any way. You may find that He speaks to you in the most simplest ways. Seek and you will find Him!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is your favorite time of year...Time Change!

I am still recovering. No, not from a major surgery - the dreaded Time Change! I do not know what it is about this time change, but I have been dragging all week. Whether it be at work, or at home...I have been tired!

My dad used to hate the time change too. Like father, like son, I think I am just like him. Even though we lose an hour when we "Spring Forward", I do prefer the longer days of daylight. It is the "Fall back" part that my Dad hated the most. He would start getting tired as soon as nightfall started to creep in.

I would be in favor of leaving the time as it is now. I hate Falling Back! Let's change the law! I believe Arizona does not observe the time change. Add Arkansas to this list!

Maybe it is everything that is going on, but hopefully, I will be back to normal soon. I need a burst of energy!

NOTES: Lizzie Kate's bump on the outside of her head has went down. We have an appointment with Children's Hospital on March 31st. It is my prayer that we are told that the spot inside is dissolving on its on.

Also, keep my mother in your prayers. She is facing cancer surgery in April. They do not know the extent of the cancer, and will not know until they get in there and check the lymph nodes. Please keep us in your prayers on both of these issues! We have already felt your prayers! Thanks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Someone Seeking Prayer...

Today, I read a sad story on, regarding a man that went on a shooting spree that left 10 people dead in Alabama, before killing himself. Like most people, I wondered why this happened? What set this man off? But, as I read more into the article, I noticed quotes from a man who lost a wife, and a toddler daughter in this senseless act, appealing for "help." Please see the following taken from

One of the officers who cornered McLendon at the factory was Josh Myers, whose wife and toddler daughter were shot dead on the porch in Samson. His infant daughter, he said, was in stable condition with a wound in her leg.
"We get trained to handle something like this ... but this was something that was never expected," Myers told a news conference.
Myers said he was devastated to find out that his family was among McLendon's victims.
"I cried so much yesterday I don't have a tear left in me," he said. "I never in my life will be able to understand it."
Myers appealed for help and asked people to pray for him and his surviving daughter.
"I don't know how to handle this situation," he said.

With this being said...I know you probably do not know Josh Myers, or his infant daughter. But, he asked for people to pray for him and his daughter. I ask that you say a prayer for them. Pray for all the families involved. No, we do not know how to handle this situation. We certainly cannot handle things like this alone. Pray for God's comforting love to work here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun with Electrical Tape!

I have been trying to be a little creative lately with my pictures on Facebook. I mean, why do they have to be normal. Have a little fun! So, I had a vision, and went hunting for the supplies I would need for my next picture!

If you are like me, you never can find anything when you are looking for it. But, this was meant to be! I found a pair of scissors, and some black electrical tape - Bingo! My creative juices were brewing, so I headed off to the bathroom to use the mirror. I did not want anyone in the house to see me until I had on the finished product. It took three snips of the scissors, and I had my costume. I took my picture once it was completed and in place.

It has been said that one should not laugh at their jokes, but I could not help laughing at what I had created. Kelley saw me come out and wanted to see what I had done. Once she saw my face she said, "You are crazy!" I showed her the picture I took and it is on Facebook as we speak. I think it is a masterpiece. Of course, I had to show "Caker"...and she had to get in the act as well! I hate to tell everyone, but she is a lot like me! I hate to tell you, but I am proud she is. She tries to be funny, and does a good job at it.

So, be creative. Work with what you have around the house, and put on a happy face. Someone ought to write a song with some of those words.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Passes...

This weekend flew by! But, then again, don't most weekends blow by us quick? Answer...Yes, they do. "I'll take Quick Weekends for $400, Alex."

Here is a quick rundown of my weekend. Friday night, the girls and I took Mom out to eat at Steffey's Pizza. That's right, I went back to the scene of the crime where I broke the buckle off of my belt. I am glad to report that I did not have a mishap this time. The pizza was real good. Then my sister came up Saturday after she found out the news Mom received from her biopsy. They all came over to the house and we rode the 4-wheeler. Kelley and I also worked out in the yard. Life goes on...

Saturday night we all went to Catfish Hole. My gosh I ate too much! I am already too heavy, and to borrow a phrase from "Cheers", if I ate there too many times "I would be up to my ideal weight if I was 9 feet tall." Their hushpuppies are unbelievable! One has to wonder if their hushpuppies will be in Heaven?!?!

Continue to pray for Lizzie Kate and my Mom. We are still waiting for an appointment date from Children's. Kelley just called me and said the place on the outside of Lizzie's head has really went down! I believe that is an answer to many prayers. I truly believe we will get the same result from what we cannot see as well. Keep praying. As far a Mom, we should know something Thursday. Keep her in your prayers. Pray that God ease her worries.

God is good...all the time!

Friday, March 6, 2009

An Update on Lizzie Kate, and a New Prayer Request...Both Special to Me...

Lizzie Kate has been acting like her everyday normal self. You would never know she has had a skull fracture. Thank you for your prayers. We really have been comforted by all the expressions of love everyone has given us. I sense God's hand at work with Lizzie Kate. Now, if we can only hear when her appointment is from the doctor.

Now, for the not so good news. Today, my mother received some bad news regarding the biopsies she had. We are not sure what the prognosis, or the plan of treatment is right now. My mother will meet with her doctor this coming Thursday. I ask for everyone to pray for her. I pray that the Lord be with her duriing this time.

We took mom out to eat tonight. I think going out and being with my two girls helped take some things off her mind. Please keep her in your prayers in the days ahead.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you for your prayers!

I have learned a few things since Lizzie Kate's diagnosis...

  • First...You are not alone. We are blessed to have so many people praying for Lizzie Kate and our family. Believe me, we feel the support from everyone. It is so uplifting. Everyone has been showing their concern. Someone has even started a group on Facebook to pray for Lizzie Kate. We are blessed with friends.

  • Second...I also learned that just because you are in the middle of a test, it does not mean that you should only pray for your situation. At first a thought came to me..."I am going to use all of my energy to pray for Lizzie Kate." The Lord spoke to me, and I realized that would be selfish on my part. Sure, I can pray for the situation my family is in, but there are others that are hurting. There are others having medical problems. There are so many prayer requests out there. I need to pray for their needs as well. Thank goodness the Lord is already working on our behalf. He knows our every need.

  • Third...I have to learn to be patient. That may be the hardest thing of all.

Again, thanks for all the calls, emails, prayers, etc. My family has been really touched. Keep us in your prayers, but do not fail to pray for others as well. God Bless!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please keep Lizzie Kate in your prayers...

Please keep Lizzie Kate in your prayers. About two weeks ago, Lizzie Kate had a fall in our house and hit her head. She cried quite a bit, and we watched her to make sure she did not fall asleep, throw up, etc. None of that happened.

This past Thursday as Kelley was washing Lizzie Kate's hair, she noticed what seemed to be a huge fluid filled spot on Lizzie's head. Kelley called Lizzie's doctor and he said it sounded like she had a hematoma. He said to watch her, and to call if she ran a fever, etc.

Well, last night Lizzie ran a fever of 101.3. I took off work and set up an appointment with her doctor. He took a look at her head and said it was a hematoma. He ordered a set of x-rays for both her head, and also a chest x-rays since she recently had bronchitis. The x-rays revealed Lizzie Kate had a skull fracture, and the early stages of pneumonia. Needless to say Kelley and I hated the news we were given. We hate it for Lizzie Kate. We were also told to bring her back for a CT scan for her head later today.

As if the news was not bad enough, the CT scan revealed that Lizzie Kate had an Epidural Hematoma. A pocket of blood was between her skull and her brain. The doctors said it kind of looks like the pocket of blood may be dissolving by itself. PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS POCKET OF BLOOD WILL DISSOLVE BY ITSELF! If this pocket of blood does not dissolve by itself, surgery will be performed to relieve the pressure. Lizzie Kate will meet with a Neurosurgeon at Children's Hospital in the next few weeks.

We cherish your prayers for Lizzie Kate. Please pray that the doctors make the right decisions in her care!

Many of you have already told us you will pray for Lizzie. It is always good to know there are those that care for you, and keep you in their prayers. Thanks so much, and God Bless!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After much time and anguish, Morgan finally lost her first tooth. The tooth was just literally "hanging by a thread" to borrow an old cliche. But, it finally came out! Wow, it makes you look back and think what it was like when you lost a tooth. That was so long ago!

Well, Morgan put the tooth under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy came last night. I guess the Tooth Fairy knew her first tooth was important, because she left it for Morgan! Kelley carefully explained the procedures, and workings of the Tooth Fairy to Morgan.

I could not believe how small her tooth was. Thank goodness most kids don't have the teeth of jackrabbits!

Anyway, I know Morgan was so glad to finally have a tooth to put under her pillow. That is one of the big burdens a child has. Where have those days gone?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Night Out...

Kelley and I got a rare night out together. I took her to "Confessions of a Shopaholic." When we first walked into the theater, I was the only man in the audience. There were like 10 women at that time. You talk about a "chick-flick!" I decided to make the best of it and decided to crack a joke. I said,"Are there any guys in here?" That got some laughs, and one lady said I was their hero. As a little more time passed, more guys showed up.

I told Kelley that I was going to take our picture and put it on the blog. She was not willing at first, but then I saw others taking pictures. I said Kelley we have to take our picture. She finally gave in.

It was a bearable "chick-flick." My favorite quote from the movie was from a debt collector named Derek Smeath. He was in constant pursuit of the main character. The quote went something like this..."Let me tell you -- the more you look at me, the funnier that gets." You will just have to see the rest of the movie to know how it fits within the movie.

So guys...go ahead and see the movie. You will get some laughs out of it. It is definitely not the worst movie I ever saw.